Transcript of Best VMTN Community Roundtable Yet!

Hooo-rah! to Rod Haywood for transcribing VMTN Community Roundtable #22, which was in my mind the best roundtable yet (you got Krusty sized shoes to fill next week Chad :-). Bill Shelton was bang on point with just about everything he said. If you’ve spent any time with the guts of the SDK you’ll know just how inconsistent it can be. In fact a while back I asked Carter and Steve how come the API was so quirky with guys like them working at VMware who clearly know better (otherwise they wouldn’t have felt the need to write their respective wrappers). Their answer? “We’ve only been here for about a year.” Bill Shelton falls into that category as well. Knowing how people think in those kinds of positions at VMware is very comforting indeed. I wonder what the Windows Azure API will look like. Actually no, I don’t even care.


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