Back to the Salt Mines…

After a crazy week in Cannes, it’s back to London and the regular job for me. Many other bloggers have done an excellent job of reporting on the events of VMworld Europe 2009, I won’t bother re-hashing anything on here – just check out any of the links on my blogroll.

I’d like to say a special thanks to Carter for the totally unexpected mention in his #1 rated Managing VMware with PowerShell session – for those who have come here looking for that info check out the VI Toolkit Mastery section and lookout for updates to that in future!

Also thanks to John Troyer and VMware for awarding me with vExpert status for 2009 – I’ll put the logo up permanently soon. Congratulations to the other 299 vExperts – I am honoured to be considered in the same league as you.

VMwE 2009 for me was much better on the networking side than it was for technical content. So on that note I’d like to say Alan, Carter, Chad, Dennis, Duncan, Hugo, Tom, Jason, Gabe, Brenda, Wil, Eric, Steve, Doug, Matt, Mike D, Mike L, Scott, Luc, Xia, Susan G (VCP #1!), a whole bunch of my peers in London (Jagz and the UBS crew, Brian from Credit Suisse), the VMware London SE team & managers, and anyone else who I may have forgotten to mention – was fucking great to have met you all in person and hopefully we’ll meet again soon!



2 Responses to “Back to the Salt Mines…”

  1. Susan G Says:

    It was great meeting you, too!

    – VCP #1

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