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Thin VMDK's Not Supported on FC Datastores!?!?

March 27, 2009

I know, this one caught me totally by surprise as well, but it’s true. We don’t actually use this switch when creating vmdk’s, but after seeing some _shocking_ statistics from our environment, whereby most VM’s with additional vmdk’s were using under 10% of their provisioned space, I decided to look into it.

Now I certainly don’t claim to know everything, so for non-obvious stuff like this I usually look into is as much as I can, then fire off a query to my VMware account team (well… just to the 2 engineers on our account) to see if there’s anything I have missed that would stop me from giving the OK to use it in our environment. Boy, good job I do this (and good job I have some very good SE’s)- the answer I got back isn’t covered in _any_ of the existing documentation.

The official word from VMware is that thin vmdk’s (ie those created with vmkfstools -d thin) are currently not supported for production use on FC datastores. Again, since it’s not possible to create these through the UI I imagine that there aren’t too many people out there affected by this. Even though we aren’t affected, and I can understand why VMware would take such a stance, I’m a bit miffed that there is no mention of this in any documentation I can find. I’m sure that will be changing shortly!


VMware "Cost Per Application" – A Swing, and A Miss…

March 25, 2009

The aim of this post is not to rubbish the guys who put together VMware’s recently announced “Cost Per Application Calculator”. I can only imagine the amount of effort that would have gone into producing such a tool. But although a good job has been done I can’t imagine why anyone would find it useful, irrespective of how accurate or inaccurate it may be. (more…)

Microsoft – Learn to Fucking Spell!!!

March 19, 2009

No I’m not apologising for the title of that post, because this is fucking outrageous.

I just downloaded and installed IE8 for Windows XP, and despite having configured Google as my search provider, imagine my surprise when the first thing IE8 threw up on first launch (after a reboot no less) was the Microsoft Search page listed below.



That’s right – Austrailia. Now given that I didn’t take any action whatsoever other than launching the browser, I can only assume this is hardcoded somewhere, either in the browser itself or on backend server. Perhaps the biggest joke is that it throws up a “no results found” page, with a suggestion that perhaps I meant to search for “australia windows internet explorer welcome aspx”. Yes Microsoft, had I actually typed anything, I sure as fuck wouldn’t have misspelled the name of my own beloved country.

I can only imagine what the reaction will be like in a few hours time when Australia has woken up and gone to work / school and discover what I have just now. In the meantime I’ll be doing my best to get the word out on this! For the rest of the world, I imagine the way to verify this is to change your regional settings to “English (Australia)” like I do on my systems (even though I live in London).

Well done Microsoft.

Reminder: London VMUG Next Tuesday, March 10th

March 5, 2009

As announced here by the big man on campus, Alaric, the London VMUG will convene once again next week. There are some un-substantiated rumours that Veeam will be sponsoring this event. Those nice folks at Veeam, seriously they can do no wrong.

I’ll either be broke and sleeping in a Vegas gutter or driving to San Jose in my new Ferrari to say hi to Carter, but plenty of other interesting people will be in attendance. And even if they weren’t, it’s worth going for the always entertaining witty repartee of principal London VMUG organiser, Alaric Davies.

So get along and meet your fellow vm’ites if you’re in the neighbourhood, and hopefully I’ll be able to make the next one!

Rolling Up a Stake and Going to Vegas!

March 5, 2009

Things are going to be even quieter than usual around here for the next week or so, as I’m heading to Vegas for some R&R! (internal monologue: and some card counting, heheh. no wait, don’t type that stu! nooooooo!). I started my IT career working at a casino (which is why i can count cards), so I’ve been wanting to go to Vegas for freakin ages. With the £ getting crushed by the € (and the $US as well, but less so), I figure now’s as good a time as any to head to the US.

I don’t think anyone I know lives nearby, but my US geography really sucks so if anyone is in the ‘hood next week, tweet me.

Help Get PowerShell Into More VMware Products

March 2, 2009

From the VI Toolkit blog, Carter is running a poll over in the VI Toolkit community (login required in order to vote) to help VMware identify which products are in most need of PowerShellification. Of course, all VMware products are in need of PowerShell, but we understand they need to assign priorities to each of their products.

Personally, my vote is going to vCenter Orchestrator. Currently customised atomic units of a workflow can only be coded in JavaScript. All VMware admins / engineers / architects out there who are proficient in JavaScript please yell “JavaScript is not Java” now. Hmmm, I didn’t hear anything. And I have ninja hearing.

The reason I believe PowerShell support is so critical for vCenter Orchestrator is that the combination of automation and orchestration is where we all want to be. At least, it’s where the laziest of the lazy want to be, and booooy am I lazy. And by mere virtue of the fact that they visit this blog, I’m betting the 5000 or so unique visitors that come through here each month are lazy bastards too. Errr, extremely intelligent, good looking, lazy bastards.

For vCenter Orchestrator to be really successful, it needs a community to contribute these discreet workflow actions, as it would not be practical (or possible, probably) for VMware to ship every permutation of the basic VI operations with the vCenter Orchestrator product. And even if they did, there are bound to be people out there who know better ways to do things. Or at least _think_ they know better ways to do things ;).

So get over to the poll and have your say as to which VMware product will benefit from PowerShell next!