Help Get PowerShell Into More VMware Products

From the VI Toolkit blog, Carter is running a poll over in the VI Toolkit community (login required in order to vote) to help VMware identify which products are in most need of PowerShellification. Of course, all VMware products are in need of PowerShell, but we understand they need to assign priorities to each of their products.

Personally, my vote is going to vCenter Orchestrator. Currently customised atomic units of a workflow can only be coded in JavaScript. All VMware admins / engineers / architects out there who are proficient in JavaScript please yell “JavaScript is not Java” now. Hmmm, I didn’t hear anything. And I have ninja hearing.

The reason I believe PowerShell support is so critical for vCenter Orchestrator is that the combination of automation and orchestration is where we all want to be. At least, it’s where the laziest of the lazy want to be, and booooy am I lazy. And by mere virtue of the fact that they visit this blog, I’m betting the 5000 or so unique visitors that come through here each month are lazy bastards too. Errr, extremely intelligent, good looking, lazy bastards.

For vCenter Orchestrator to be really successful, it needs a community to contribute these discreet workflow actions, as it would not be practical (or possible, probably) for VMware to ship every permutation of the basic VI operations with the vCenter Orchestrator product. And even if they did, there are bound to be people out there who know better ways to do things. Or at least _think_ they know better ways to do things ;).

So get over to the poll and have your say as to which VMware product will benefit from PowerShell next!


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One Response to “Help Get PowerShell Into More VMware Products”

  1. MartijnL Says:

    I talked to the presenter of the Orchestrator breakout session and he mentioned that they are already hard at work building Powershell into the product but they needed to do some groundwork redesign to get it in there.

    According to him the question was not “if” but “when”.

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