G20 Protest Caption Contest!

Well the G20 protests have come and gone from London, without much incident – I’m sure there are more arrests at the weekend football matches than there were during the 2 days of disruption in the City. We don’t really get this kind of thing in Australia, so i went into the office (which was conveniently located in between the 2 main protest areas while they were going) on both protest days to check it out first hand.

Now if there’s one thing you’ve probably gathered from reading my blog / twitter, it’s that I don’t take life very seriously. Hence, the first that sprung to mind when I left the office around midday to check out the action, was to get a blank piece of cardboard and try to get one of those “fill in your own caption” shots amidst the rioting and looting. Well, unfortunately the rioting and looting never really kicked off, but I did manage to get one shot which i think is mildly amusing

G20 Caption Contest
That copper behind me really makes the shot. The photo was taken on the protester side of the police line, about 2 hours before that RBS building in the background got pwnzed.

So get the original full size image from here http://twitpic.com/2og8w/full, fill your own caption and send it to vinternals at gmail dot com. I’ll throw up any funny ones i receive, although even I am having a creative blank right now and could only come up with the following lame attempt.

G20 Go Green
Now surely you can all do better than that.


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