Update Your Bookmarks – VMware Orchestrator Community Launched!

I’m not sure how many vSphere beta participants spent some time with the new version of VMware Orchestrator, or vCO, but I certainly did and I’m happy to say the product completely rocks. I have looked at a few of the orchestration tools on the market, and this is easily the best I’ve seen to date for orchestration of the VMware layer.

I’m not going to post more about it until GA just in case I inadvertently divulge something that I shouldn’t and get in trouble, but everyone should add the new vCO Community Site to their bookmarks, and lookout for a new section on vinternals.com similar to the VI Toolkit Mastery section, dedicated to vCO Mastery!


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2 Responses to “Update Your Bookmarks – VMware Orchestrator Community Launched!”

  1. Frantisek Ferencik Says:

    Please dont you have easy guide how to configure orchestrator? I didnt make it run till now. It doesnt want to work with both my sql server and AD server.

    My nick is ferdis 🙂

    • stu Says:

      Sure, I’ll post some screenies from my setup to that thread tomorrow. If you have Orchestrator 4, you should have access to the vSphere Beta forums? If so, would be better if you post in there so I know for sure I can’t get in trouble 😀

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