Another Reason To Look Forward to vSphere 4 – .NET Plugins!

It was mentioned on the VMware Coffee Talk webinar today that .NET plugins will _finally_ be legitimised in the vSphere 4 client! Of course, there have been many .NET based plugins written for VI3, mostly on the back of Andrew Kutz‘s fantastic reverse engineering efforts.

One thing that has always bothered me about VMware’s whole “cross platform client” initiative has been the fact that .NET plugins were faced with extinction before they had even seen the light of day outside of VMware. If VMware officially sanction .NET plugins, then at least they can actually see what the adoption levels are like. If it’s massive, then VMware will know that whatever pretense the whole non-Windows client initiative was based on is pretty flaky. And of course, if there’s little adoption then maybe the cross platform client argument did have some merit after all. Judging by the success of PowerCLI, I know which scenario I’m betting on :-).

Unfortunately no more information can be disclosed until vSphere is released, but if the rumours about May 21 are true we don’t have long to wait now!


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