Next London VMUG – Thursday May 14th (next week!)

I should’ve posted this earlier, but the next exciting installment of the London VMUG is on May 14th.

Alan “Fetchez la vache!” Renouf will be holding a 1 hour PowerCLI workshop before the event. And after the event, I hope to be schooling Alan in how to drink beer like an Australian. Various other luminaries from the community will be in attendance, notably Tom “I hate those fookin soothern fairies” Howarth and hopefully Mike “what Tom said” Laverick. Simon Long should also be back in the country by now, and there’s no excuses for him not to attend.

Aside from that, not many concrete details are to hand yet, you can check out Alaric’s announcement here.

Hope to see you all there, just look for the guy with the loud mouth and shaved head 🙂


4 Responses to “Next London VMUG – Thursday May 14th (next week!)”

  1. Tom Howarth Says:

    shaved head and load mouth, who can you be refering too Stu 😉

  2. Alan Renouf Says:

    You had better not be coming to the PowerCLI Workshop, if you are I may get you to explain the sdk to us all !

    P.S. looking forward to the shandy !

  3. Alan Renouf Says:

    Forgot to say, I also have a copy of Hal’s book to give away during my session.

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