vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide – Nearly Here!

As you’ve probably read on a few other blogs more popular than this one (only just though :D), I have penned a chapter in an upcoming book, vSphere 4.0 Quick Start Guide. It was a collaborative effort amongst 6 of us, EMC gun Bernie Baker, Vizioncore Technical Architect Thomas Bryant III, Licensed to vKill Duncan Epping, forum legend Dave Mishchenko, the PoSh Frenchie Alan Renouf and little ol’ me. I dare not call these people peers, they are indeed a league above me and I am honoured to have my name in print alongside theirs.

The aim of the book started out as a no bullshit guide for both those who are new to vSphere and those who are new to the VMware platform, but after reviewing the chapters I can say that it is much, much more. Although it won’t have the depth of some of the other books on the market, it won’t have the price either and has been laid out to facilitate fast access to the most common tasks a VMware admin needs to do. But we went one step further – every task is covered from 3 angles, the vSphere Client, the ESX CLI / rCLI and PowerShell. There is something in there for everyone.

Keep an eye out on any of our blogs for more details when it’s released. Hopefully it will be available in time for VMworld, via independent book publisher Lulu.


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