Workaround for vCenter 4.0 Unattended Installer Bug

As I mentioned in the video that accompanied my Ghetto vCenter 4.0 Unattended Installer post, the vCenter 4.0 command line installer has a minor bug, in that if you don’t have Named Pipes enabled on your remote SQL Server, a warning message will pop up and halt the installation until you hit OK. You don’t get this warning message if you run the GUI installer.

Today I inadvertently found a workaround for this however, which involves simply adding one of the available command line arguments that isn’t really relevant for a fresh install, which is FORMAT_DB=1. This option is for where you have an existing database that you want to blow away, however it seems that using it also eliminates the annoying and unnecessary Named Pipes message box.

VMware already confirmed that this was a bug in the installer, but since the workaround doesn’t involve any code changes maybe it’s easier to just change the installer documentation to say that FORMAT_DB=1 is mandatory unless you’re actually doing an upgrade.

I’ll have to recut the video now and leave NWA playing the whole way through 😀


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