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Infranomics: Non-technical Considerations for the Cloud

September 26, 2009

For those of you confused by the title of this post, don’t be… one of the things that keeps me interested in my job is the diversity I am allowed. My senior management likes to use an analogy of a capital letter “T” – that is, you should have a deep level of expertise in one technology, but just as important is to have breadth across many. It doesn’t just apply to technology though – there are many other facets that we need to consider, and economics is one of them. Me being an infrastructure guy at heart, I’m going to coin the term “Infranomics”.

So in a similar vein to this previous post of mine, this is another aspect of the cloud that you can and should start thinking about now. And it doesn’t require any expenditure up front other than a few Joules of brain power. And, like that other post, I’m not claiming to be the first person to think or talk about this but I will put my usual Enterprise slant on it, including the usual disclaimer that this probably is completely and utterly irrelevant for smaller shops.

There are 2 aspects I want to cover. The first relates to the cost of infrastructure in the Enterprise compared to some of the Cloud based services you can get externally. The second pertains to how the cost models potentially differ within an Enterprise, compared those outside.