VCP4 Exam Post Mortem (Yes, I Passed :)

Pretty sneaky of me to post my thoughts on the exam material the night before sitting the exam eh? Well, not really, but at least I’m not going to make you all anxiously wait for the follow up post like I know you were. C’mon, I know it. Seriously. Somebody was. Other than me. And for anyone who cares for the details, it took me just over 30 minutes to finish and I scored a few points shy of 400.

I’ll attempt to walk the fine line of providing something sufficiently vague to sidestep all the exam legalese, yet meaningful enough to be of assistance to those who intend on taking the exam. In order to do that, I’m going to be fairly brief (for a change).

First of all, strategy. The exam is entirely multiple choice, and I stick to a time tested strategy of “you either know it or you don’t, and the first guess is usually the best“. I don’t believe in reviewing multiple choice exams – like I said, I either know the answer or I don’t. If I do, what’s the point in reviewing it? If I don’t, whats the point in having second or third guesses? This is how I finished the exam in ~30 minutes, and it’s been the same story for every multiple choice exam I have sat in my life.

Now onto the content. Overall, the expectations I laid out in my previous post were fairly well met. Not entirely met, but met well enough. I used 3 sources of information, without which you cannot pass this exam:

– Forbes Guthrie’s vSphere 4 Notes over at Forbes, a hearty shout out goes to you, that is a fucking excellent piece of work.

– A similarly great resource is Simon Long’s VCP4 vSphere Study Notes. I owe you some beers mate, thankyou.

– A lot of time spent building, tearing down, rebuilding, tinkering, breaking, tearing down again, automating, and deploying the vSphere stack (including Update Manager, Converter, Data Recovery etc), and several years general VI experience.

And to be honest, the usefulness of that last resource surprised me the most. There were some questions in the exam that I found so esoteric, questions to which my initial reaction was “what the fuck is the point of asking that!?!?”. Only to realise now that you can only answer those kind of questions when you have used the product extensively. Even if it’s just in your home lab, do not underestimate the importance of having hands on experience with the product.

Well I’ve gone on longer than I planned, hopefully I haven’t angered the gods of exam agreements. Although I hate these exams with a passion, I definitely feel that anyone who honestly passes this exam truly does deserve to call themselves a VCP.

Thanks again for all the congratulations on Twitter, and good luck to anyone planning on taking the exam.


3 Responses to “VCP4 Exam Post Mortem (Yes, I Passed :)”

  1. Forbes Guthrie Says:


  2. Nedeianu Valentin Says:

    Congratulations mate!
    I’ll be taking a shot at this exam by the end of the year and i would like to thank you for the useful data you provided.
    So…thank you! šŸ™‚

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