Next London VMUG, Feb 25th 2010 – I'm Presenting!

Yes that’s right, I was very flattered to be asked to present at the next London VMUG and just couldn’t say no to Piglet (illustrious London VMUG co-ordinator). The more people there, the more nervous I am bound to be so let’s have a massive showing and try to give me a nervous breakdown! If you haven’t been before, be sure to register by sending an email to as per the announcement. And a personal thankyou to Pano Logic for sponsoring the event this time round – it couldn’t happen without the sponsors, it is very much appreciated.

As for the topic, I’ll be talking about real world Enterprise Cloud but in a sufficiently generic way – I’m talking as ‘stu the blogger at vinternals’, not ‘stu the employee of Company X’ (Company X’s competitive advantage will remain safe! You hear that, senior managers at Company X who don’t even know about let alone condone this blog? No need for alarm!). I will not be mentioning any products either, so regardless of the technology platform or what stage you are at with your own Enterprise Cloud implementations, hopefully you’ll find the discussion useful. Or not, you might think I’m talking complete shit. But you won’t know unless you go, so why not come along and tell me what you think in person (over a beer afterwards :D).


2 Responses to “Next London VMUG, Feb 25th 2010 – I'm Presenting!”

  1. Alan Renouf Says:

    I look forward to hearing you talk crap, I will also be talking crap at the VMUG with another crap PowerCLI session, yep the VMUG is going to be full of it this time ! I promise to heckle you if you will repay the favour ! There is also a rumour that someone who is famous for talking american crap may be descending from on high to also be there 😉

  2. Simon Long Says:

    It should be a good VMUG, lots of interesting people giving talks.

    See you there big guy!

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