New HP CIM Patch Released, Update Manager Still Can't Apply It.

A new version (1.3) of the HP ESXi Offline Bundle has been released for ESXi 4.0 Update 1. Now I don’t normally tend to post about patch releases because… well, I just don’t really see the value in posting that a patch was released and leaving it at that. But this is a little different.

Because you _still_ cannot apply this patch via Update Manager.

So once again I’ll ask the question of VMware – what is the point of having an automated patch tool if it can’t actually apply patches like these? Clearly the HP patches are packaged in accordance with VMware requirements, because they can be installed via the vSphere CLI. Yet there is still not an easy way to add patches like this to the VUM repository. Cisco patches seem to be available via a VMware provided online repository, but I’m not asking for that – there needs to be a way to manually add patches to local VUM servers, without pointing the VUM server at a website.

Update Manager does on the other hand continue to offer somewhat useless and redundant guest patching functionality, and even more useless application level remediation for things like BizTalk server. But it still cannot handle patching a host that happens to be running a vCenter VM (yet I can manually VMotion said VM around). And there’s still the unscalable 1:1 relationship between vCenter and Update Manager. I’m not sure what the Update Manager team are working on, but they really should forget about the guests and concentrate on the host patching capabilities, which are far from ideal currently.


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3 Responses to “New HP CIM Patch Released, Update Manager Still Can't Apply It.”

  1. Steve Chambers Says:

    That’s because VMware is no longer an infrastructure company, no longer into virtualization: it’s a cloud application company.

    That means the back-end infrastructure becomes really simple and these problems go away.


    Perhaps they are applying Douglas Adams’ SEP (Somebody Else’s Problem) Field?

  2. AC Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly and have complained to VMware many, many, many times about this. But in the meantime, how do you go about upgrading to the new CIM providers? Manually? Some sort of vMA script? And more specifically, do you just install over the top of the current providers or actually do the uninstall/install that HP’s documentation has previously said to do?

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