I'm Not One to Drink the Kool-Aid, But…

You all know me – I’m not the kind of person to be swooned by hype and marketing bullshit. But I have to say, the Maritz / Herrod keynote at VMworld this morning was an absolute blinder. Never before have VMware delivered a keynote that was so clear in it’s message and so visionary on so many levels. And once again, VMware are leaping miles ahead of the competition right when it looked like they were in danger of being caught. Sure, there were a few laughable claims regarding open standards (hows that LLDP and LACP support in the networking stack coming along?) but aside from that it was very, very refreshing to hear Paul Maritz saying things like “this is gonna happen with or without VMware” when talking about Cloud. If only all the vendors in this industry could be so mature.

Of course, the big announcement (for me anyway) was around the release of VMware vCloud Director. And while it looks completely awesome, the devil is in the implementation detail and I’ll be putting up some posts next week to talk about some of the not-so-shiny aspects of the product – someone’s gotta talk about the other side of the coin (why is it always me though!). But for now, I’m just gonna enjoy the Kool-Aid 🙂

While I’m here, I have been completely blown away at the number of people I have met, had really, really good conversations with, revealed my identity to, and had them come back with stuff like “NO WAY! You’re vinternals!?!?!” and then punched me in the face given me a big ol’ slap on the back. Seriously people, thank you all very much for the kind words. As a blogger, it’s really hard to tell how engaged your audience is – you can’t really tell that from “number of unique visitors” type metrics. So thanks for reading, and I’m really flattered that you guys appreciate what I have to say – it makes it all worthwhile.



4 Responses to “I'm Not One to Drink the Kool-Aid, But…”

  1. @dboftlp Says:

    looking forward to the other side of the coin. always good insight from your blog. thnx

  2. Mike DiPetrillo Says:

    Good to see you at VMworld. I’m sure we’ll both be exploring the warts of vCloud Director together. Just remember that it’s a tool in a stack and not the stack itself. Lots of things to explore and we look forward to the feedback to improve future versions.

  3. Welcome to vSphere-land! » Day 2 - Tuesday Says:

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