Chinwag With Mike!

It was long overdue, but a few weeks ago I finally got around to having a chinwag with Mike Laverick. I say long overdue, because he asked me ages ago and I just never got around to it! This is the second video I’ve been in lately, the other was the very last VMworld TV recording in San Francisco (which ironically also had Mike in it, and Justin).

I wanted to have a post ready to go to elaborate more on the whole VMware / dogfood bit, but as you’ve noticed I’ve been pretty busy lately (ie very quiet on the blogging front). And I guess it’s OK for me to say why… I am very proud to say I am the technical editor for the upcoming PowerCLI book from Al, Luc, Glenn, Arnim and Jon! And let me tell you, it ain’t easy when you’re dealing with masters like those guys.

Anyway, I hope you find the chinwag entertaining / interesting, and big thanks to Mr Laverick for asking me on. As I say at the end, if it wasn’t for Mike I might not have gotten far in this field and even this blog might not have gotten far – he was the first one to give me a shout out way back in the day, and my readership grew exponentially for a while after that. So again, Mike, thanks for everything.


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