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Favourite Vim Colorscheme?

August 1, 2010

First of all, yes that spelling is correct because it is a Vim keyword – not English 😛

I’m sure you’ve noticed things have been a bit quiet around here lately… no I didn’t get attacked by sharks on my holiday, but I did decide to take the plunge and turn my attention to learning Python in more depth. Actually, that’s just a small part of where I’m going – I’ve started to wean myself off Windows! That’s right, no more PowerShell, no more C#, no more Visual Studio… in fact if it all works out, the only thing I’ll need Windows for in the future is gaming.

Of course you can learn Python just as easily on Windows as you can any other platform, but I like to develop in the same environment I plan on deploying to. Which means getting familiar with a terminal based development environment, which basically means getting familiar with Vim. But alas, the standard Vim colour schemes just didn’t cut the mustard for me, and after trying a few on it came down to a choice between darkburn, and BusyBee.