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Check out Martin Ingram on DABCC…

December 13, 2008

While I’m a little insulted that Martin didn’t tell me he is now contributing to Doug Brown’s excellent site (j/k Martin :-), he is and you should keep an eye out for his posts.

Martin is Strategy VP for AppSense. I and others have been saying for a while that user environment virtualisation is the final piece of the virtualisation pie to fully realise statelessness, and let me tell you now there is no better product on the market for this than Environment Manager. No I’m not getting paid to write this, but in the name of responsible disclosure I will say we have a long standing and excellent relationship with AppSense at the place I work. We have stacked them up against their competitors many times over the years and on the technical / feature side they have blown the competition away every time. They are the VMware of the user environment virtualisation space.

So welcome to the blogosphere Martin, and to make up for you not telling me about the blogging I’ll be expecting a ticket to get onboard the AppSense yacht at VMworld Europe 2009 :-D. And while I’m here, shout outs to Sheps and 6 figures at AppSense.


Symantec reverts to normal, well done. And well done community!

November 20, 2008

Unfortunately I couldn’t break the news when I heard it as I was at work (no way I’m blogging from there, my boss reads this – hi Mark :D), but Symantec has updated the original KB article to something much, much more reasonable (although it seems to be offline at the minute).

No company is immune from the odd premature / alarmist KB article, and however this happened doesn’t matter as much as the outcome. I’m sure a lot was going on behind the scenes before I broke the news, but still I’d like to think we all played some part in getting it cleared up so quickly. Power to the people 🙂

Transcript of Best VMTN Community Roundtable Yet!

October 27, 2008

Hooo-rah! to Rod Haywood for transcribing VMTN Community Roundtable #22, which was in my mind the best roundtable yet (you got Krusty sized shoes to fill next week Chad :-). Bill Shelton was bang on point with just about everything he said. If you’ve spent any time with the guts of the SDK you’ll know just how inconsistent it can be. In fact a while back I asked Carter and Steve how come the API was so quirky with guys like them working at VMware who clearly know better (otherwise they wouldn’t have felt the need to write their respective wrappers). Their answer? “We’ve only been here for about a year.” Bill Shelton falls into that category as well. Knowing how people think in those kinds of positions at VMware is very comforting indeed. I wonder what the Windows Azure API will look like. Actually no, I don’t even care.

Vinternals Doubles in Size!

July 27, 2008

Over the past few months I’ve been working away in the secret Vinternals coding labs on a virtual appliance with an esteemed colleague and virtualisation extraordinaire, Shyam Madhavan. What we’ve managed to put together is something we reckon is pretty amazing, and we hope to have something ready for you all in the next few days.

And here’s the best part – it will be completely free.

After putting in such a monumental effort, it is only fair that he be rewarded with the massive fame and money that one can expect as a 50% partner in vinternals (needless to say, Shyam won’t be quitting his day job). Keep your eyes peeled for some postings over the coming months / years, and be sure to check the site later in the week for more information on the appliance!

New(ish) blog by Chad Sakac – bookmark / add feed NOW!

June 17, 2008

Quite a few things of note happened while I was away, but one thing that didn’t seem to be widely reported was the launch of Chad Sakac’s blog. Chad has bolted from the gate with some great posts which I won’t bother linking because you should just hit his blog and read everything.

I also owe him a public apology – a while back I posted about storage stuff and made a flippant remark about “some marketing guy” in an EMC video on You Tube, which was Chad. We’ve had a fair bit of correspondence since then, and he is obviously about as far from a marketer as you can get. Sorry about that mate, and welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

Firefox 3 Release today!

June 17, 2008

Oh and I’m back from holidays 🙂

Download Day 2008

What a time to be going offline…

May 20, 2008

Jeez I dunno… Citrix XenDesktop 2.0, the final Hyper-V RC, the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 beta, ESX guest support back in the latest Workstation 6.5 beta build… and here’s me going on holiday!

Still, given the choice of checking these products out in detail or roaming around Italy, I think I’ll stick with the later 🙂

See y’all in a few weeks…